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Android Application Development & Programming Training

This course is an ideal introduction for students who want to learn more about application development for mobile devices and, in particular, those interested in Android.

We teach how to
  • Deliver robust mobile business applications and integrate with enterprise systems
  • Create intuitive, reliable software using activities, services and intents
  • UI Design that work seamlessly with a range of phones and tablets
  • Share data with system and applications using providers
  • Integrate applications with enterprise web and location-based services

Mobile Application and Device Security Training

In this course, we sill provide best training for mobile security & risk management. We also teach how to develop and deploy secure mobile applications. We develop your skills to implement an effective mobile device security strategy for iOS (iPhone) and Android applications.

We teach how to
  • Develop secure applications for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad)
  • Leverage OWASP best practices for secure mobile app development
  • Identify and mitigate the most significant threats to mobile apps
  • Protect application data at rest and in motion
  • Implement optimum platform-specific application security configuration
  • Secure encryption keys on Android and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad)

Mobile & Responsive Web Design

In this course, we will teach the necessary skills for the responsive and mobile website design that fully harness sophisticated capabilities of web browsers on mobile devices.

We teach how to
  • Design and build mobile-first and responsive websites targeted for mobile devices
  • Write compelling HTML5, CSS and JavaScript content for mobile users
  • Build cross-platform mobile applications
  • Efficiently deliver content over low-bandwidth links
  • Enhance the mobile experience with device features and geolocation

Apple(IOS) Programming & Enterprise Integration

iPhone and iPad Application Development Introduction

As mobile devices become more common, companies increasingly need to develop both in-house and public applications to improve the services they provide and to maintain a competitive edge. In this course, we will teach the foundation training for programming iPhone and iPad applications using either Swift or Objective-C and the iOS SDK.

We teach how to
  • Apply development techniques to for iPhone and iPad applications
  • Design and test UIs with Interface Builder and the Simulator
  • Add functionality using Xcode and either Swift or Objective-C
  • Combine navigation controllers and tab bars to provide a multifunctional user interface
  • Incorporate images, animations and autorotation

Swift Programming Introduction

Swift is a modern programming language that modernizes iOS and OS X application development by developing on the best of Objective-C and other modern languages. In this Swift programming course we provides a comprehensive introduction to its concepts. You will take advantage of Swift’s concise and expressive syntax to reduce coding time and create fast and powerful applications.

We teach how to
  • Create, compile and execute Swift programs using Xcode
  • Verify Swift code in Playgrounds
  • Organize code with classes, structures and enumerations
  • Develop Mac, iPhone and iPad applications that use functions
  • Implement flexible object-oriented designs with inheritance, aggregation, extensions and protocols

Integrating Mac OS X in the Enterprise

In these day Macs become a standard component in the enterprise, the need for seamless integration between Mac and Windows resources is very important. Network administrators must have the knowledge and tools required for Mac OS X and Windows operating system integration. In this course, we will develop your skills to build a completely integrated and transparent OS X and Windows environment.

We teach how to
  • Deploy, configure and administer Mac OS X in the enterprise
  • Navigate file systems, install applications and run virtual machines
  • Integrate LDAP services including Active Directory (AD) and Open Directory (OD)
  • Authenticate and manage Mac clients in the AD
  • Maintain enterprise integrity across Mac and Windows platforms

Our fruitful courses guarantee that the candidate inculcates confidence, complete knowledge of the technology and experience of working on real time international projects. Acquire mobile application development expertise in iOS, Android, Windows Phone, HTML5, Mobile App Security, PhoneGap, jQuery Mobile, Mobile App hacking and more to fit the needs of businesses & organizations.[/dt_sc_fullwidth_section]

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