How To Use Marquee Tool In Photoshop

Shortcut Keys:

  • Shift+Drag: Constrains the marquee tool to a perfect circle of square
  • Alt+Drag: Starts the marquee tool from the center and expands outwards
  • Alt+Shift+Drag: Starts the marquee tool from the center and and then constrains it to a perfect circle or square depending on which one is selected
  • Shift: Allows you to add to the selection
  • Alt: Allows you to delete from the selection
  • Spacebar: Allows you to move the selection

Select the Marquee Tool

To use the marquee tool, select it within the Photoshop toolbar. it’s the second tool down, To access the 4 option of the marquee, hold the left mouse key down on the device, and select one of the additional options from the pop-up menu.

Select an Area of the Image

Once you selected the marquee tool of your choice, you can select an part of the image to work with. Mouse point where you want to begin the part and click the left mouse button, holding it down while you drag the selection to the desired size, and then release the mouse button.

For the “single row” and “single column” marquees, click and drag the marquee to select the one-pixel line of your choice.

More Selection Options

With the “square” and “elliptical” marquee tool, you can hold down the “shift” key while dragging the selection to create a perfect square or circle. Note you can still change the size, but the proportion remains the same.

Another useful trick is to move the complete selection as you create it. frequently, you will get your marquee starting point isn’t at the exact intended place on the canvas. To move the selection, hold down the space bar and drag the mouse; the choice will move instead of resizing. To keep to resize, release the space bar.

Modify & Add the Selection

After you have created a range, you can modify it by adding or subtracting from it. Start by creating a selection on the canvas. To add to the range, hold down the shift key and create a second part. This new marquee will add to the first… as long as you continue to hold the shift key before each selection, you will add to it.

To add from a selection, follow the same method but hold down the alt/option key. You can use these two methods to create many figures, which can then be used to apply filters to a custom area or create shapes.

Putting the Selections to Use

Once you have chosen an area, you can apply different uses to that area. Use a Photoshop filter and it will only apply to the selected area. Copy, Cut and paste the area to use it somewhere else or modify your image. You could additionally use most of the features inside the “Edit” menu, such as fill, stroke, or transform, to change the selected area. Remember you can create a new layer and then fill a selection to build shapes. Once you learn the marquee tools and use them with ease, you will be capable to manipulate not just the whole, but parts, of your images.

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