General Scenario in IT industry:

If you haven’t yet decided which career path you want to take, working in IT industry could turn out to be the most fruitful for you.

The Indian Information technology industry has been booming tremendously since past decade and with the present scenario of the IT industry in India, you can easily expect to get your fair share from it. The primary reason behind this growth is that Computers and Internet have become an integral part of our lives and the huge inflow of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Over the past few years, the IT industry has not only boosted itself but the entire Indian economy from 1.2% to 7.5% GDP from 1998 to 2012.

And with government initiatives like Digital India and their vision to take nation forward digitally and economically, the IT sector is sure to take a sharp rise in near future

Various career options to choose from in IT:

People love techies, and sometime even envy them. The reason is that IT professionals get many more benefits compared to others and they also get various options from broad categories to choose from for their career.

There are many potential jobs in the IT field. You can easily choose your career in Animation, game development, programming, designing, mobile application development, SAP&ERP, networking, web development, SEO & SMO, and many others.

Advantages of working in IT:

There are many benefits of working in Informational Technology and I shall try to give a quick overview of it.

There has always been a high demand for personnel in IT sector, both for experienced and fresher candidates.

The technologies are Constantly Changing and it makes things interesting if you are willing to learn.

It is the most widely accepted fact that IT guys fetch better salaries than anyone else You get to learn Time Management as scheduling of tasks is very important.

Usually IT companies have huge staff and your job demands that you interact with each other and share as much information as possible. This helps to improve your behavior and Interpersonal Skills.

As the Job is challenging, and you are compelled to think out of the box, you gradually become Creative thinker.

Salary packages in IT sector:

It is a known fact that no other sector pays its employees as much as IT sector does. With an average salary of Rs 341.8 per hour, the IT sector in India has emerged as the most attractive sector. If we put that to calculation, the average salary comes out to at-least 0.8 million per year.

Even entry level positions start at relative higher salaries and as you grow in the industry and gain more experience, firms are willing to pay even more.

Expectations from the candidate willing to work in IT sector.

Since IT industry is willing to pay huge packages, they also have some expectations from the candidates willing to work in the industry. An Ideal IT professional focuses on how the organization can achieve its strategy more effectively.

It is said about IT professionals who make it to the top of industry is that they do same things like everyone but they do it differently.

Successful IT professionals know what they want out of their career and how to get it

How to build your career in IT:

As a student you can easily build your career in it. You can enroll yourself into any technical course offered by a college affiliated with a recognized university, complete your education and get a degree/diploma certificate from the university and meanwhile manage some time to learn IT courses from good IT training institutes and get certificates for the same. Now selecting a good IT training institute is equally important as selecting a right college for a bright career. The institute you select should have good infrastructure, latest equipment for learning, amazing and industry experienced faculties, good tie-ups with various local and multi-national companies, and provide certification for their courses offered.

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